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           Dent-Chew Brush, LLC has SOLD its U.S. Patent,

    Trademark, and IP!


    Over the last eighteen months John Gallagher, the Founder and Managing Member of Dent-Chew Brush, LLC (DCB) has planned and executed an equitable purchase of all assets of DCB on behalf of Clean Bite, LLC.

    Gallagher conceptualized Clean Bite™ in 1970 while serving as an Army Medic on an amputee ward.

    At that time, he called it Dent-Chew Brush, and its purpose was to enable severely wounded soldiers the ability to brush their teeth without assistance, then have it dissolve after its utility. Seeing Clean Bite™ as a delivery system for API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) e.g., vitamins, therapeutics, medications and encapsulated vaccines, came decades later.

    In January 2009, Gallagher established Dent-Chew Brush, LLC as a licensing firm, and along with 12 other Members, set out to finalize the product design, material formulation, prototype, patent, and trademark Clean Bite™. DCB endured years of setbacks, from Kodak its strategic partner declaring bankruptcy, five years to gain the patent, running out of money and a delayed implementation of the JOBS Act.

    Then DCB, LLC was approached by J&J in late 2016 requesting a meeting. What was discussed in that meeting changed Gallagher’s views on the business model that was being used. It took months to formulate and flesh out a replacement model.

    Hence, Clean Bite, LLC was established, and it acquired the exclusive rights to the U.S. Patent and all related IP, under favorable terms to fulfill the role of a consumer manufacturer. Doing it in a way that limits expense, provides revenue and creates an opportunity for others nationally. Clean Bite, LLC will operate as a Franchise Licensing firm, enabling small independent franchise owners the ability to be part of a network of manufacturers acting to replace the role of a single consumer manufacturing firm.

    Although the plan for franchise manufacturing was the basis that would provide a departure from large-scale plants costing into the tens of millions of dollars, the new tax law and incentives for manufacturers is serendipitous. The opportunity for an independent operator to fully depreciate the cost of manufacturing equipment upon being placed into operation provides even greater abilities to drive down the threshold to entry for plant owners.

    Clean Bite™ by design, holds significant potential to address the needs of so many of the world’s disadvantaged populations while finding significant support from the average consumer. Clean Bite, LLC will develop, and oversee every aspect of production protocol in developing regional manufacturing. Sub-Licensing will initially be preferential to the United States.

    For a short time www.CleanBiteTM.com will be a password protected website but in the interim, we will be putting out Posts and Announcements. Clean Bite, LLC is looking for partners that are in equipment leasing, consumer product distribution, and two individuals or firms located within two of these regions: Central or South America, Pacific Rim, a member country of the EU, and the Middle East. The international partners will be required to have an equity ownership, exercise oversite on their region, and serve on the Board of Managers, comprised of seven Members.


    All Inquiries and self-initiated proposals are welcome:

    A Business Plan & Pro Forma may be made available to interested Parties
    at the sole discretion of Clean Bite, LLC, coupled to having executed an NDA


    U.S. Patent 8,292,624